Sunday Afternoon Life Lessons

So I’m watching a show called “Iyanla Fix My Life”. It’s like a hybrid between Oprah, Tyra Banks & Dr. Phil. Surprisingly, her show is refreshingly creative and her counseling methods are pretty darn effective. Watching her handle situations ranging from love to broken friendships, she seems to tackle them with a variety of activities. Of course, the healing process takes longer than an hour. However, through watching her episodes, she’s given me five lessons to ponder on, digest, and reflect upon. These lessons are:

1. We were not created to be alone. As a woman, we need our sisterhood. As a man, you need your brotherhood. Whether we like it or not, we are connected to someone else. It is up to us to decide if we will use those connections to build us or break us.
2. Every journey we go through is not meant to break you. It is meant to strengthen you. Running from our obstacles never gets us beyond our present state. We have the power to change our course at any time.

3. Being afraid of fear is common. Facing your fears is the best decision you can make……and it’s a decision that everyone has to make at least once in their lifetime.  Today can be your day.

4. Don’t burn all your bridge once you cross them. You may just need to cross over them one day.

5. Perfection is unattainable. Purpose is. It’s actually easier to pursue your passion than trying to grab ahold of perfection. You choose what to chase after.

Although some of these lessons are already in motion in my life, it’s still a great reminder. As life goes on, we all, at one point or another, make decisions. Life changing decisions. Small ones. And everything in between. I just hope these lessons can help you 🙂

Til next time – Stay inspired!

-Tiffany J.


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