There’s nothing we can do to change the world…


WRONG! Tomorrow is a very important day in American history. Our elections impact the entire world. More importantly, it will affect our local communities. We do not want you to be swayed to do anything aside from using your voice. Your vote is your voice. Its between you and the booth. Your vote is a key to unlocking the futures potential. I have casted my vote (thank you absentee ballot!) To me, I am more concerned about what happens the day after elections. You know, when we all return to regular life again. All I know is, V4S won’t stop helping, won’t stop giving, won’t stop touching lives. Our purpose is greater than just tomorrow. But don’t be mistaken, tomorrow is a big day.

We leave you with this: You can change the future. Just remember to vote for the person who will protect your Faith, Family, and Freedom. Why? Because our Future depends on it  !

Over and out.
– Tiffany J.


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