Crystal’s Story : Overcomer By The Blood of The Lamb

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My name is Crystal Holdipp.
From a little girl there has been an attack to destroy my life. Around the age of 3 years old my mind was disturbed, I stopped eating and ended up in the hospital. It’s like the enemy was trying to keep my captive even from little.

Growing up from a child I often got teased and bullied a lot. People would tease me about my looks and who I am. Low self-esteem began to develop as I felt I was not good enough. Throughout my formal education I had learning challenges where I struggled academically, was in learning support and was retained in primary school. This didn’t make me feel good as I felt I wasn’t smart. I wanted to be accepted by people and have friends just like any other child or teen so I started to do things to please my friends so if they wanted me to do things for them that I didn’t want to do or I felt uncomfortable with I still did it. As a teenager I struggled with depression because of the academic failure and the disappointment I felt about it.

I would come home depressed and often would have emotional breakdowns where I would frequently break down and cry and feel so much hurt. As a teenager I grew up with a poor self – image of myself and didn’t love myself and lacked confidence. These things would show up in the tasks that I would do and they way I would carry myself. A fear began to develop in me and I held a resistance to allow God to move in my life so I built up walls to keep God and everyone out. I have struggled with things like social anxiety, anxiety, depression, low -self esteem and learning deficiencies.

Though I still have my struggles, I have begun to break out of the shell that I had been living in. By God’s grace the egg shell is cracking and the pieces are falling apart piece by piece.

~Crystal Holdipp
I have an article written more about my story with anxiety and depression. Here’s the link:

I have a website that you can check out to know more about me and my journey. My website address is:


One thought on “Crystal’s Story : Overcomer By The Blood of The Lamb”

  1. Hi there Crystal, Let me say first and forth most. Your a blessing rather other think you are not or you feel like failure. And God love you the spirit, the heart, and the physical you he has give you.
    And you like anyone else are here for reason. Rather they are born with a handicap, or an illness, Or a disease. We contribute in the way he intended. No matter how small. I can relate without a doubt. I also to was used, bullied, and also had attend special lab classes they call them back then. And I also was push down some stairs and left unconscious. I was however, taught from the Holy bible and KJV. “To love their neighbor as thyself: I am The Lord LV 19:18 ” I also remember satan will use the very soul of his evil to take control those not what they do when they harm another. Bless you.

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