AVON Breast Cancer Awareness Walk NYC 2012


Man oh man! What a great event.

Karie (the director of our public relations dept.) & I went to the event pumped!! It was so beautiful to see so many people come out to support a worthy cause. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, sisters, wives, mothers, best friends, babies, and doggies showed off their pink colored passion. A myriad of love and support was so thick, you just couldn’t help yourself.


Our role in the event was to cheer on walkers by Ralph Bunche Park. Haven’t been to that spot in years. 
It took us a while to navigate  through the concrete jungle but with the help of a friendly police officer and a mysterious older man (who also directed us to one of THE best views of nyc i’ve ever seen) we found the place!


There were too many highlights to count (including a super duper hug from the cutest toddler ever). *sidenote* Karie & I got about 5 hugs total ! We ended the day with some passion, shouts of joy, and of course- shopping.


Next time we go, we will find the finish line (only realized that we didn’t know where it was at the end of our shift) . Don’t judge us.
We’ll get better LOL
Thanks for all the love!

– Tiffany J.

PS: If you missed this event, there will be more! In the meantime, subscribe to our blog so you can always be in “the know!”



5 thoughts on “AVON Breast Cancer Awareness Walk NYC 2012”

      1. Yes! I plan to travel across the country to volunteer at different youth org. events. Cali is on my list of places to stop by. When I get there, I will definitely let you know. Hopefully I can plan it around the time you have a community outreach project going on

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