YOW! Wilburne Mathurin in the HOUSE! (Part 2)

IF you missed part 1, you can check it out in our “People Like You” category….but here is part 2!

On Christmas day December 2006, my father died of liver failure due to his body succumbing to his past alcoholic indulgences. Though we were not very close, I still felt a part of me die when he died. It was really difficult at first, but as the years have gone by, I have gotten over the pain. At times, I still feel miserable because I didn’t get that important male figure in my life and sometimes regret not spending more time with him before he passed. On the lighter side, one thing I remember my father telling me about my music is that if I can sing like the artistes out there, that I’ll make it.

I left the Cathedral Junior Choir in May 2009 and started releasing some of my original gospel songs at a couple of studios island-wide. My first single was entitled “Wannah Know” which addresses the issue of crime and violence which my country is experiencing up to this very day. This was recorded at the Smart Studio by Hugh “Ziggy” James on my birthday, in 2009. The song was released in early 2010. Not too long after, I recorded my second single “I’ve Been Through” which was a song written from a personal influence speaking about the struggles which I face as a christian and how I try not to fall again by giving into temptation. This song was recorded at the studio of conscious reggae artiste Werner “Semi” Francis and arranged at Daniel’s Den Studio by Danyl Daniel who is the same age with me.  One of my later songs “Looking Around”, was recorded at BBlunt Studio by my table tennis partner Michael “ShortmanB” John in October 2011 but was released in May 2012. I also recorded a song by ShortmanB entitled “trying to Live” which is the latest of my singles to be released.


As a solo artiste, I have performed at the National Cultural Foundation (NCF) Telethon in May 2011 at the Gaiety Night Club, the 10,000 man march in June 2011 at the Marchand grounds, the anniversary of the victims of hurricane Tomas in october 2011 in Soufriere, Youthfest in December 2011 in Vieux Fort, the Resistance Youth Concert in April 2012 at the Vigie Multi-Purpose Complex, and the NCF Telethon in May 2012 all of which my services were free of charge.  I have just began living out the dream, but not fully. I work at the Bank of Saint Lucia full-time but continue to aspire on this dream though the production costs are quite high and I haven’t began reaping the monetary benefits from my songs as yet. By God’s grace, I will become a full-time gospel artiste if He wills.

Sidenote: We are proud of you Wilburne!


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