The Springs of Salvation (Part 2) by Bayley P.

The next morning, Ilham woke her brother, Jari. Like most days, Ilham got him dressed and ready. Jari was usually cheerful, but sometimes his paralysis made him frustrated. Ilham often imagined what it would be like to be trapped in your own body, and she wished that he could be cured. She remembered hearing about healing waters called the Springs of Galilee. A lot of disabled Israeli and Palestinian children along with their families went there. She knew that Jari’s school would be travelling there soon, and she hoped that he too could be helped.
    Finally, the day arrived when the van from her brother’s school came to take her family to the Galilee. Ilham was very excited, because this would be her first time travelling to the north of Israel.
Mom and Dad, I will gather Jari’s equipment. This will be the best trip ever. I just hope it is good for Jari,” Ilham called out to her parents.
     “Don’t worry, Ilham. Jari will be healed, if it is God’s will,” Ilham’s mother said.
     It was a long trip through many checkpoints. As they went farther north, the vegetation became greener, and the air felt cleaner. Finally, Ilham saw it — the Sea of Galilee! Its water glimmered in the sun like a shining jewel. All around the banks were the most beautiful flowers Ilham had ever seen. “Surely, I am in heaven,” she thought.
    When they got to the Springs of Galilee, everything was quiet and peaceful. Ilham stepped out of the van and walked to the lodge where her family would be staying. Inside was a fireplace and large window overlooking the springs. It looked just as she had imagined it would.
    Ilham was eager to get Jari into the spring and see his reaction.
    “Mom and Dad, can I please get Jari ready to go in the water?” Ilham enthusiastically asked.
    “You can in a little bit. Let him relax for awhile,” Ilham’s mother answered.
    The family took a short nap that afternoon. Later that evening, Ilham helped get Jari ready to go in the cool water. She pushed his wheelchair down the ramp and helped Jari into the water. Jari smiled from ear to ear. Ilham gently splashed the water on Jari’s face. As he left his wheelchair, Ilham could see that her brother seemed freer in the buoyancy of the water. .
    As Ilham watched Jari, she realized that if Jari could feel better, she would be much happier too. She helped Jari out of the water and walked back into the lodge, pushing him in his wheelchair. As he went to bed that evening, Jari seemed happier than Ilham had ever seen him.
    Later, Ilham went into her mother’s room to talk. She said, “Mom, I think that this place will be good for Jari. And I think it will be good for me too. I know now that I can be fully healed only if Jari is healed.”
    “I am sorry, but I do not understand. Can you please explain to me what you mean?” said her mother.
    Ilham explained, “I have felt responsible for Jari for his entire life. I cannot even bear the thought of something bad happening to him. Jari feels trapped in his own body. He struggles to move. Jari is often discouraged because he is unable to do the things that others his age can do.”
    “You love him very much, don’t you?” her mother asked smiling.
    “Yes, and not just because he is my brother. Jari may be paralyzed, but he is very brave. He has much to teach me — to teach all of us,” Ilham replied.
    “You are an amazing daughter, and I love you,” her mother said, embracing her.
     “Thank you, Mom! I love you too,” Ilham said.


One thought on “The Springs of Salvation (Part 2) by Bayley P.”

  1. I enjoyed the first part of this story very much, but I like this part even more. The story keeps getting better and better. The characters are very sympathetic, and I’m rooting for Ilham all the way. I am very much looking forward to the next installments of this story. Bayley, keep up the good work!

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