The Dreamer by Funsho O.


By, Funsho O.

Mark Zukerberg had a dream. He wanted to make a social network where friends could share their pictures and discuss with themselves worldwide. With precise determination,commitment and diligence, he actualized his dream giving birth to the famous social network called Facebook. He is currently the 9th most powerful person in the world according to forbes with a net worth of 17.5 billion US dollars making him one of the top 35 billionaires in the world at the age of 28.

Bill Gates had a dream. He wanted to attain computer programing success. He worked hard and was diligent and his dream gave birth to computer programing company called Microsoft. He is currently the fifth most powerful person in the world according to forbes with a net worth of over 50 billion US dollars making him the second richest billionaire.

Orville and Wilbur Wright had a dream. They wanted to make a powered flying vehicle with wings for human transportation on air. Despite several discouragements and setbacks due to the far-fetched nature of their dream, they were determined and never lost hope.   They finally invented the flying object called the airplane and their names would never be forgotten for inventing such a masterpiece.

 James Cameron had a dream. He wanted to resurrect the once dead science fiction genre in movie making. He was focused,committed and diligent in his work. He has been able to champion a plethora of movie blockbusters including terminator,aliens,titanic and avatar among others. James Cameron can arguably be said to be the greatest movie director/producer of all time due to his numerous achievements and accolades in movie making.

 We all have our dreams. What matters most is the positive steps we are taking to achieve them. We are all sailors on our voyage of discovery, legends awaiting to be unveiled.

The future is here. 


3 thoughts on “The Dreamer by Funsho O.”

  1. Great examples Funsho. Bessie Coleman is my idol who never gave up on her dream of being a pilot. Since she was turned down by every school in the USA she went to France for training. Bessie was the firs African American woman to earn a pilots license. Despite so many NO’s, she kept trying until she got a YES. She even trained to be a stunt pilot and was very famous.

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