PAAJAF: The African Dream

In the news. In the papers. On our social media sites. On the radio. Around the town. Around the corner.

We are hearing it.

Mother Africa needs us.

With so many outreaches from so many organizations and advocacy groups such as The Red Cross, Stop Kony 2012, and Feed th Children, we are bombarded with stories urging us to get involved. For those who do not switch the channel, turn a blind eye, or are just plain ol’ uninterested – I have a group that you may be interested in.


“The cause is an on going program to sustain our works at PAAJAF. The intention is to set up scholarship school facility to reach out to the neglected and underprivileged children at Gbawe and Ghana as a whole.  Our target is that the end of 2012 PAAJAF has been able to setup the micro -enterprise project to sustain our work and being able to purchase land for the school project”

Click below for more information!!



Disclaimer: We are not being paid to showcase this group. We are more than happy to promote them for free 🙂


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