Investing in Women: The Leah O. Story

“Investing In Women”

Ms. Leah O. is a phenomenal woman with an amazing vision. Please read the story below to be inspired!

I am empowering young women with skills, resources, and information so they can make their life great instead of waiting and hoping for someone else to make changes. In 2011 I published a book, I Am More Than Just a Girl, and filled it with everything that I have learned about how strong each and every person is capable of being. I created a curriculum to go along with the book and now both are used by youth organizations. Recently I was asked to create a curriculum about sexual harassment at work that I will present this autumn to young women as part of a successful transitions program for foster youth.

Teaching people to be safe should include being physically safe and I am on my way to becoming a certified self defense instructor. I will continue to learn new skills and use all those as tools to show girls how they can become strong independent women.

I have always been the type of person who volunteered in my community and enjoyed the feeling of doing something that helped others have a more joyful life. A few years ago, I was lucky enough to get a job at a domestic violence and sexual assault center. It really opened my eyes to the lack of prevention that young women are taught.

Having grown up with a strong independent mother she taught me that I deserved respect and even though it took me until high school to actually stand up for myself, once I did  and realized how great it felt, life was easier. It still took me a long time to stop being a victim and it wasn’t until I survived a few unfortunate events that my eyes were really opened. I decided it was time to stop worrying about how rough life was and take actions to improve it instead.


If you would like to read my book online and learn about all my work

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