Passion for Purity by Ashley Rae

My name is Ashley Rae, I am 17 years old, and I am the founder of ” Passion for Purity”. To tell you a little bit about me, I was called into ministry at age 12. I was raised in a Christian home and brought up in church, so I knew at a very young age that I wanted to go into ministry. I am a singer/song writer and I also lead worship at different churches. I knew God had special plans for me, but I was not quite sure what that might be.

I was given a purity ring at age 13 by my parents. I made a committment to not “date” just to “date”. I decided that I wanted to wait for God to send me the right one. When I was 14 years old, God gave me the vision of “Passion for Purity”. A ministry to encourage not just teens, but singles of ALL ages to remain pure before marriage…. That means being pure at heart and in mind and sexually.

I believe that I should take this time to fall completely in love with Jesus, purify my heart, and wait for him to send me “my prince” . “Seek me, and ye shall find me”…By seeking God, He will lead me to my future husband on HIS time, in HIS way, and according to HIS will.

My vision and purpose is to travel the world and minister to people about purity. This is such a rare, yet much needed ministry and I believe God has great things in store. Right now, I am currently speaking and leading worship at local churches, but my plan is to extend my ministry further than just North Carolina. God calls us all to do something different, but he has called us ALL to be pure! “And the two shall become one”. A covenant between ONE man and ONE woman.

Alot of you may be reading this and maybe you’ve already given yourself away, you can make the decision today and decide that from now, until your wedding night, you will remain pure. Share your story! It could save a life! I hope this has encouraged you and you will take a stand for purity!

You can “like” Passion for purity on Facebook, follow us on twitter: passion_4purity , and even book me to speak or lead worship at your church at Thank you, and God bless!

Ashley Rae

Passion for Purity ministries


8 thoughts on “Passion for Purity by Ashley Rae”

  1. Hey guys! Ashley here. Thanks for all the encouraging posts. I am humbled by the response! This is my first time reading it, actually but I hope you all are encouraged. God bless

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