Emphysema and COPD Basketball Tournament Charity Event

Sunday, March 18th.

3pm :: Reflection Time.

I am lucky to have witnessed what it truly means to be committed to a cause.

My friend Shannon invited me to a charity basketball tournament his friend Ari was hosting.

[I will get a story for you a little later explaining the reason behind the event]

Wendy Rada, who passed away earlier this year due to emphysema was the main reason for this event. Her son, Ari, wanted to honor her legacy by putting together this event and donating the funds to the American Lung Association.

The gymnasium was filled with passion, energy, and intensity. As men and women played, one thing [aside from sweat] was clear: They all showed their condolences. From volunteers to the players to the crowd, we all stood by Ari’s side in a way that embodied the very characteristics of dedication.

Team against team battled it out on the courts, conquering one another but in a very respectful way. Friendships were formed, faith reaffirmed, and everyone made a public statement with their actions that they stood by him n his moment of remembrance.

Voice4Society is proud to have taken part in such a momentous and selfless event.

Our actions always speak louder than our words – so GET INVOLVED!

Side Note: ALL proceeds of the event went to the American Lung Association.

This is Tiffany J. Chase, signing off!


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