Leave Me Without Thorns by Chimee A.

The days i spent in hell,
the pains that bore my heart,
the harshness of your hands,
the strictly face of a father,
had turned me to a rag.

I came to stay for you,
with me,
and the dead spirit of she that made me human.
Then,you hit my head on the nail,
with a heavy bang that kept me half-mad,
of the creaking mind that made a hole in me.
You kept me used and dried.

I die to see myself free,
to raise the legs of my inheritance and run hard,
out of here,
out of your sight,
and hold my vibrating lips,
from tearing and dropping to the sands.

Leaving your inner caged self,
I would weep not again,
nor gnash any sound out of my mouth.
No single speech nor sound,
I will stop to alter.
No sense of prison-hood.

My smiles will start to flow like frustrated ocean,
my teeth will start to shine like a metal on a splash of light,
I will start to show my face,
like a new-born specie.

Every rope around my waist is untied

By, Chimee A.


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