Our Anniversary

Poetry is the breath of life.

So I decided to share some of my works as well.


Our Anniversay

Can we go back to a time where it didn’t matter

To a time where lollipops and mudpies were the “in” thing?

Could we go back Where butterflies and fireflies

Ruled our decisions and set the tone for our nights

Can we go back where we got into trouble

Went back outside

And did it all over again
Can we go back

To our adolescent time

Where love and life

 Overruled the rules

That we intentionally bent?
To a world where

Innocence and Ignorance were best friends

Whre dreams and love and life

Could never ever end
To a time when

Big trucks made a really loud noise

That made all the girls jump

And got the attention of every boy
Can we go back to

When I liked you

And you liked me
When I thought

You were cute

And you thought I was pretty?
Can we just go back

 To when you said “I love you”

And you said “I love you” too

And I saw my whole future In your eyes, boo
To a time when I never knew pain

Or felt ashamed
A time when thunderstorms

Were not in my heart

A time when everyday I hoped we would never grow apart
Can we go back to sipping lemonades

And watching the sunset

Rushing into bed

And never once would fret
I miss you intensely

And one day I will say

“Hey remember back when…?” AND “Do you remember that day…?”
But I know you would have already grown old

And grown past the

You would have already found a woman

To drive you insane
But she loves you hard

And you love her harder

You once found me smart

But now you find her smarter
And she’ll giggle

 And your heart will race

 While I’m standing there

Remembering our days

So I’ll wish you well

And turn and let out my cries

But there will be no one there

To dry my eyes
And I’ll lay down on my bed

Again for that day

And remember when

It would have been 12 years today.


By, Tiffany J Chase

Question to Ponder: What is your view on relationships?


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