10 Steps to Having a Successful Marriage

Ten Steps to Having a Successful Marriage

1. Everything Started with Love

Don’t let that diminish from your life
You are married to the one you love not to your work
Keep your intimacy
Nurture your wife, husband, future wife, or future husband with love!
Talk to her as often as you possibly can
Love is not just a word it is an action
Remember the scripture John 3:16 :  “For God so loved the world that he gave… “
Jesus showed love so you must show love too

2. Stop Nagging!
…..and all the men say, “AMEN!”

Put old news behind you
Every person has a level of tolerance, even Jesus (Refer to what Jesus did in the temple  Matthew 21:12)
Don’t nag your mate to do things the way you want them to be done
They will do it in the own way and on their own time
Express yourself but don’t nag
Both parties give up their rights when they get married and it becomes “our” right
They must give up their individuality (……individual selfish natures)
Nagging brings dissension and separation and can invite the devil into your relationship

3. Respect Your Partner
Give respect , get respect
What you step on is what you don’t respect
The greatest thing a man needs is respect
Because that ends up tampering with his self-esteem
A man should be a leader not a boss. a boss tells you what to do, while a leader shows you what to do and leads by example
Respect is reciprocal
When you are in public, do not talk to your other half like trash! That’s a no-no…

4. Learn To Resolve Fights
Don’t postpone the resolution of fights
As a woman, there are things your man does where you know he will eventually fail at it, but also know that he will continue to do it because he wants to do it his own way……allow him to fail at it. BUT when he does, do not rub it in his face. Instead say, “this just means we didn’t get it right”. LOVE him still!
Don’t waste time in saying your sorry
Forget the past and forge ahead
It is better to forgive!!

5. Proper Communication
Talk to each other as much as you can
It helps to bring you guys closer and to understand one another

6. Be Faithful
Trust in your loved one
Learn to trust and have faith in each other
In a lightbulb, it needs both the negative and positive to work
So, in a relationship, pull down your pride!

7. Must  Compromise and Adjust
You can’t have everything that you want
Adjust to make the other person happy and best believe that they will adjust to make u happy as well
You need to learn how to give up some things because you prefer joy and peace

8. Take a Break


Devote some time only for you and your spouse
Time where it is only you two and no one else. where you can be alone and get to know each other
Don’t have a routine life

9. Remember Special Days
This includes birthdays, anniversaries, etc
It will remind you of many more happy days to come
….If u need to, men, set a reminder on your phone

10. Don’t Underestimate
Whatever he does or she does for you – make sure that you are happy with it and that you value it
Don’t underestimate what he or she gives you, big or small
Want more? Value the little !! 🙂


Happy Trails !


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