That Girl

Another poetic piece to describe the pain that so many young women encounter everyday.

Their tears may be invisible to you but they aren’t invisible to God.


That Girl…

 Her steps say more than her words ever do.

She’s judged by me and she’s judged by you.

Those skimpy outfits leave a bad impression.

If only we knew her real confession.

The tears and rape behind her actions.

Are the results of her dissatisfaction.

Reflected in her colourful fingernails.

Reflected in her colourful weave.

Leaving our thoughts to be based

Only on what we perceive.

We wonder why there are so many like her.

We wonder why they dont care.

About themselves.

About the world.

If only we could understand

That dying little girl.

Torn apart by society

And what we feel is in actuality

What she should be

What she should become

What she is Is far from being done.

 She is unraveled by her insecurity

Belitted by her promiscuity

Trapped in her failure

So she is who she is


If only we had the compassion we have

For homeless  people

To bring them into the embraces

Under our steeples

To care and nurture them

Back to the Fathers heart

Maybe the shattered pieces of their life

Would finally become works of art

But we judge them when we see them

So nothing is done

And they are left to this world

Who treats them so horrid

If only they could see the Masters tears

He could finally pour into them

BUT This decision needs to be made by all of us

So won’t you help them

Help her

Help that dying lonely girl?


By, Tiffany J Chase

Voice4Society, Creator


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