A Utopia in My Heart (Part Five)

Alicia was walking home from school with Tessie, when a white woman stopped them.

            “Oh, hello honey, “a white woman addressed Alicia

            “Hello,” she answered shyly.

 “My name is Mrs. Robinson and both of you girls are invited over my house for tea. How does that sound?”

            “I’m sorry, but we have to ask our parents,” Alicia answered for them.

            “I don’t have a poppa,” Tessie began to wail.

            “It’s okay, little girl,” Mrs. Robinson comforted her and put her arms around her.

            “My name is Tessie and this is Alicia,” she said in surprise.

            “Well, you ask your guardians, and meet me by the river tomorrow,” Mrs. Robison told them.

            “What if we can’t make it?” Alicia asked.

            “Well if you don’t show up tomorrow I’ll assume you can’t come,” she explained.

I’ll take you to my house and we can have a picnic,” she continued.

            They said thank you and goodbye and continued on their way home.

            Later that evening Alicia asked her parents if she could meet Mrs. Robison tomorrow for tea.

            “Who’s Mrs. Robinson?” her poppa asked.

Alicia explained that she met this white woman on the way from school and that she invited her and Tessie to meet her at the river and go to her house.

            “Alicia, I told you before not to talk to strangers,” Momma told her gently.

            “But, Momma, she seemed so nice.”

            “Baby, they might seem nice, but they could still take advantage of you,” Momma explained.

            “Momma, she talked to us first and was so genuine when Tessie began to cry about not having a poppa, “Alicia explained.

            They finally agreed to let her go.


2 thoughts on “A Utopia in My Heart (Part Five)”

  1. A dear friend recently told me about A Utopia In My Heart. Having just finished reading the first five parts, I can’t wait for the next one! The writer has genuine talent and should keep writing! Short of checking this website, I wish there was a way I could read EVERYthing Bayley writes. Knowing each of us is talented in different ways, sometimes we are too close to ourselves to realize what our own talents are. I’m way older than Bayley and still trying to figure out what mine are! It’s obvious (at least to me) that Bayley is blessed with writing talent. Keep up the good work!!

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