When You See Me

Poetry. Pushes. Passion.

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Title: “When You See Me”


Enter stage right of my life.

There you will find me

Under the shadows of mankind

There you will find me

Where the wind kisses the sun

There you will see me

Where the summer says goodbye to my friends

There you will find me

Locked and lost in an embrace

My emotions will run from me

In a place where I can be myself

There you will find me


When I enter your life:


When all hope is gone and lost without a trace

I’ll be there

When time stands still and i have but a frozen image of your face

There I’ll be When the moonlight crashes and the stars rejoice

There you’ll find me

When you’re standing alone and all is gone

There you’ll find me

My child, Can’t you see?

I’m all around you

I’ll never leave

Because you can run as far as the earth will let you

And you can dance the dance of fools

You can crawl inside the deepest caves

And stay under the waters of the deep blue

But I’ll be there By your side

Through every winding turn of this painstaking ride

So run, walk, leap, and skip

Because I’ll never leave you

I’m already buckled for this trip.


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