Marriage in God’s Eyes

Notes from a marriage seminar I attended at my church:

The first marriage was between God, man [Adam] and woman [Eve].

Commitment is a binding friendship based on faith [ SO ] base everything you do on the Word of God [Bible].

FACT: We can’t can’t change our spouses. However, if you change, then according to the work of the Lord, your spouse will eventually change [Be Patient]

*Marriage is not determined by just good sex….it involves intimacy on all levels. So, physically yes, BUT also spiritually, emotionally, financially…

==> Conversation needs to go beyond just the physical stuff because the simple fact is :: you can’t have sex 24/7. Sure, at the beginning of the marriage you have sex a lot – but eventually you will slow down- Simply because there is so much more that you have to do!

Here’s the bottomline:

[ Don’t ] belive the TV shows because the actors are always breaking up in their own personal lives. They show a false sense of what marriage is and what it takes to make it successful. You MUST work on your marriage! The Word of God feeds your spirit, and when the spiritual digestion process is done :: faith is produced. (Similar to if you feed your physical self, strength is produced). Marriage can survive anything except neglect … get to lovin’ & workin’ !!



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