The Mind – Key to Change

Romans 12:2

:: “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God‘s will is-his good, pleasing and perfect will.” [TNIV]


If you desire change you have to start from the mind. All form of change begin in the mind. If the mind is not change there will be no lasting change.


First – You must cut off all contaminants.


Everything that will contaminate and influence the mind negatively. Our mind is a lot more vulnerable than we think. If we allow little things to creep in thinking that they are too small to affect us then we have already lost the battle. Cut off ALL negative influence, no matter how big or how small they may be they can still pollute the mind. Your mind will react on what it is exposed to. Exposing it to unproductive things will result in you react in a unproductive manner. When you setup a block from all negative and evil things your mind will be stronger. Shun the very appearance of evil whether it be by thought, something you see, something you hear or anything that will enter your mind and not bring forth good fruit. CUT IT OFF.


Second – You must cleanse your mind.


All the trash that has already entered your mind  must be cleansed. This is not only a physical but a spiritual battle as well. We all know individually whatever it is that is in our minds that will not bring glory to God. If it doesn’t bring glory to God and serves no positive purpose it should not be there. Begin to break these chain of thoughts both mentally and spiritually. Don’t dwell on any thought that arises that serves no good purpose. Begin to rebuke evil thoughts, don’t indulge them, not even for a minute, that will create a doorway for the enemy to overpower you. Then you will find yourself thinking all kinds of things that are not of God. When you pray always cover your mind and ask the Lord to cleanse it. Do warfare, break all ties and bonds that the enemy has set over your mind through influence of things allowed into your mind. Your mind can be free through the power of Christ.


Third – You must fill your mind with the word of the Lord.


Once you have cleansed your mind the enemy won’t stop trying to infiltrate it again. You need to have a fortified mind, that it will withstand the attacks of the enemy. Even when the Lord Jesus was tempted he knew the word and used it to overcome the enemy. So we must also read, understand and learn the word. Reading and knowing the word is not is not all, we must understand it and how to apply it. Even the devil knows how powerful the word is, he uses it against u all the time. So we must understand the word that we may be able to differentiate between what is of God and what is of the devil. Think of Adam and Eve, the devil used the same word that God spoke but he twisted it so that the would sin against God. So fill your mind with the word, meditate upon it and ask the Holy Spirit for understanding that your mind may be fortified with the word.


Follow these steps and I guarantee you will see change, not of yourself but by the power of God.


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