10 Reasons Why The World Needs You

Ever think that world is so huge that if you were to ever leave, no one would notice?

Well get that nonsense  out of your head immediately please because the world NEEDS YOU

Here Are Ten Reasons Why:


There is only one you. so even if you had 5 million clones, they would never be able to pull off the little [to you: seemingly insignificant] things that you could….like the way you drink your coffee or the how you tap your pencil against the desk when you’re angry


If you were to leave, you have left the world void of your personality. Imagine if everyone on earth was grumpy. Oh how horrible that would be! Now imagine if the world was sunshine and happiness. Yeah, that would just get annoying after a while. It’s your distinct personality that keeps everything in equilibrium. A little bit of this and little bit of that helps the world keep turning


You have a purpose. If you don’t fulfill it, then what was the reason for you being on earth in the first place?


Who else is going to stand up for the things that drives u silly with passion?


You are somebody’s superhero. Whether you are the single dad that doesn’t get enough credit for working hard and doing right by your kids, or you are the abandoned foster child that refuses to let her circumstances determine her future. Your life tells a story and paints a picture of overcoming challenges many can relate to. Remember, someone somewhere is looking at you. Live a life that leaves a legacy.


Your existence is the building blocks for the future generation. If you aimlessly go through life, carefree – what are you passing on to the next generation? Refer to number 5 and think about that legacy you are creating with every second of life granted to you by Father God.


You were predestined for greatness. Once you tap into that greatness, you are ready to embark on something that is beyond you. Wanna know what it is? First things first. tap into that greatness immediately.


The world needs you because you bring a little bit of spark, sizzle, unique-ness, and hope to the grim surroundings we call the present. by adding your flare to it all. You are really making it a little more bearable for the rest of us.


If the world didn’t need you, you wouldn’t be here. Plain and simple.


Most importantly, GOD MADE YOU F SUCH A TIME AS THIS! {How did u not see that coming ?} You are in the world to CHANGE the world! So I suggest you look beyond the partying, excessive drinking, laissez-faire attitudes, and start working towards making a change. Whether its contributing your writing skills to Voice4Society or standing up for the constantly overlooked but often abused homeless man, you are here to effect change.


After all….what are you really waiting for?


By, Tiffany J. Chase

Voice4Society, Creator


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