WHY SO INSECURE? By Kareem Stanley

I will start by making it clear that I DO NOT know  everything… neither am I a trained professional in the field. The  views expressed in this are based on my life experiences and other things I have learnt in my years of being alive!

[please read this with an open mind]

My life and the lives of those who are  constantly around me is ever-changing, taking into account new  challenges and emotional discombobulating. I have sat and wondered why  people are not able to be as happy as they would like to be. The one  solution i found is a little word “insecurity”. For those of you who did not know… to be insecure means to “lack self-confidence“, be doubtful of your existence and be subjected to fear in ANY aspect of life!

[Based on real events…]

Justin is 24 and is a character of special qualities. Justin is in a  relationship with Shanny, she is 19. Justin admits to loving Shanny and  proves it with his actions but Shanny still is pessimistic about it…  it has been about 9 months since they have been together but Shanny is  still not adequately convinced that Justin is genuine. His actions and  words seem true, he treats her like he sees fit and shows much  appreciation toward her! Shanny still does not want to give credibility  to his endeavors. Relationship seems healthy but a KEY component is  preventing the couple from moving as far as they should and  yes…Insecurity…

I am not assuming that Shanny should  jump head first into trusting Justin… but if he has proven on several  occasions that he does love her and care about her, why should she still be insecure? This insecurity from root makes a tree which can only bear Bad Fruit.

* Insecure people get hurt… not because  people deliberately try to hurt them but they hurt themselves by not understanding their being! As much as one can rely on another, the work  is now for us to realize within ourselves that WE are the ones who are responsible for our confidence. Confidence is the perfect antidote for  insecurity…

** When you are confident, then that would  mean that you are aware of who you are… and can deal with it…  without fear of a mental or emotional break down! Often people rely on  others to boost their confidence and WE as friends should be boosting  each other rather than fight-down! Guess what? Not every day you are going to be pampered with compliments about the stuff you  do… there are days you are left DRY in a desert of emotion, nothing  in sight but a MIRAGE of doubts. A mirage is something imaginary…  that’s what doubt is… IMAGINARY… it is not real… it is the acceptance of failure after considering success [INSECURITY]

*** This  plagues our youth and wrecks a lot of promising relationships, not only  on the part of those directly in the relationship… but the friends of those in the relationship.Don’t be insecure and try to get your  friend to yourself and ignore the fact that this friend does have a life  beyond you. This is hard to accept that a friend is in a relationship  and less time being spent with you. But get this… remember you were the friend first… and if you have placed a reputation which can surely  secure your place… then why worry about your friend not spending time  with you!… this can give you opportunity to make new friends and  socialize with new faces increasing your social capital!!

Yo… we need to take control of our lives and stop letting OUR emotions control US… bear in mind that it is OUR emotion and we have the  authority over it and not it over us!… do not let any form of insecurity  infect or affect your life. Admitting that you have the problem is the  first step to dealing with it…. DEAL WITH IT! Make it yours… do not  yield to its traps.

The intention is not to be trusting of any one but to have an understanding of YOU…

And seeking God for  everything… not just what you can’t handle.

God+wisdominsecurity = happy and fulfilling life!

Thank you!

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By, Kareem “Meerak” Stanley – Photographer

FB Page Meerakulos Art | http://www.facebook.com/MeerakulosArt

Twitter:  @PerfectIsBoring


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