My Steps Are Ordered !

==> God has an interesting way of telling me what he wants me to do in life. I started college believing in my heart of hearts that I was meant to be a defense attorney, focused on human trafficking cases in the Department of Homeland Security. I pursued my Criminal Justice degree as a result. Of course, towards the latter part of my degree program I realized that this was not the course for me. Out of nowhere, I stumbled upon the Public Administration coursework. As I delved deeper in my academic research, I began to feel a sense of urgency to join the program. I have always loved volunteering, community service, non-profit organizations, and the general cause to change humanity for the better. Therefore, I picked Non-Profit Management as my concentration (a choice that was thrilling in itself). My experiences could not have led me any closer to this field. I am an advocate for the youth; I believe in their ability, potential, and future. One of my top goals in life includes managing a faith-based recreational center in an area of New York City that is undeveloped, underserved, and overpopulated. The aim of the recreation center would be to encourage unity among community members and play a vital role in the positive development of the youth in that area. This degree program will give me the training necessary to turn my dream into a reality. The most important aspect of my Masters study is eventually creating a clear-cut proposal for my dream as well as an action plan on getting it started.

Why am I telling you this ?!

Because I want you to know that my steps are ordered with God. So are yours. Do you think it’s by CHANCE that you have gone through certain situations, or that you have endured trials, tests, and tribulations in life? There is a reason behind everything, every second of our lives. You are unique. You have a destiny. You have a purpose. And NO ONE will ever be able to take that away from you. Your DNA is different from anyone who has ever lived. Your DNA is different from anyone that will be born after you pass away. Take joy in knowing that. God took extra special time to create the perfect “you” simply fit to pursue the bigger picture called life. Dont sleep on your opportunity for greatness. Use today to change tomorrow! And in all things know that your steps are ordered by God 🙂

— Tiffany J. Chase


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