The Ideal Place is The Ideal Thinking Space

Everyone needs their own space.

How else can creativity, passion, and intelligence be created? Given the four walls its confined to within the typical room setting, thoughts, ideas, and visions may end up wearing thin if not revitalized by a vibrant energetic space. Hence, my quest for the best apartment possible HAS ONLY JUST BEGUN. Young professionals nowadays need more than just the typical pen, pad, and highlighter we have grown accustomed to being associated with. A place where we can paint our aspirations on the walls, lay down the foundations of our dreams, and hang high the hopes for our future. I think I may have found that place on


[[ On The HUNT! ]]

Starting off with WHERE:

==> I can’t picture living anywhere other than *New York*. To me, it just seems like the perfect fit.

Lights-Cameras-Action + Crazy-Fun-Passion = A Pretty Good Mix For A Budding Social Advocate.

:: Off to the city I shall go!


Here are the reasons why it is AMAZINGLY close to the space I would love to call my own:

1. Heart of New York. You just can’t possibly beat the NYC lifestyle.

2. One bedroom just for me, kitchen, bathroom – Dude! I never have to leave my place…well, until I run out of food anyways.

3. Prices are a bit up there BUT seeing as how I plan to manage many non-profit organizations, a little splurging won’t be so bad.

4. The area is nothing short of GORGEOUS! I can just imagine the glorious ambience of the Autumn season already.

5. Breathtaking views which will serve as a source of inspiration for my day-to-day activities.


=====> All in All, I say this comes the closest to my dream space. I’ve told you my reasons, why don’t you tell me yours?



Take the challenge at !!


P.S. Here’s the link to my dream space : 


 Written By: Tiffany J. Chase


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