Advice to a College Freshman :)


Many college advisors give the watered down version of what college life “is”. Of course, for any potential college student, the best advice they can ever get is from someone who has been in the shoes they are about to walk in. Remember, every journey you are about to start in life, someone has walked that path before. Therefore, it’s only wise to heed the instruction of those who have gone before you (Plus: you can bypass ALL their mistakes if you are wise).  

So, Voice4Society wants to offer up its help in this area. Karie and I (Tiffany) want to help you all so if there are any questions that you have about college life, dorming, admissions, financial aid, even dating – we are here to help you. Trust me, we’ve been through it all and seen it all. Any questions that you have ……or even stories you want to share – feel free to hit up our email :
We’ll address it in a separate post and it will be anonymous. Get ready, get set, SPILL ! 😀

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