Kicking Cancer Where It Hurts – Susan Rabinowitz



I prefer to let her tell the story through the interview Voice4Society had with her.

I will say this much:

She’s a FIGHTER!

[ *Interview with Susan Rabinowitz* ]


1.  Do you mind telling us who you are & a little about your background?

I am an author (No Evidence of Disease), speaker, artist (Scriptures in Pictures), mother of five, and victorious over cancer. I attended James Monroe High School in the Bronx, NY where I grew up, and also Baruch College (City University of New York), where I earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting. In 1980, I married Ken Rabinowitz. A year later, the first of our five children was born and I became a stay-at-home mom and home-schooled my children for 20 years.
Using my love for numbers and math, I have tutored children from K-12th grade, assisted seniors in their S.A.T. preparation, and helped several adults who were attending college.  In 1996 I birthed Scriptures in Pictures, in which I combine my artwork with my love for Biblical Scripture. I have been victorious over one disease and two bouts with cancer. I have learned we have choices and while there is life there is always hope. I have also learned to to eat healthy, exercise regularly, and to thank God for every breath I breathe and every step I take.

2.  Scriptures in Pictures – What is it all about?

Using rapidograph pens, I create hand-written pictures using Bible verses in various shapes in order to bring to life a realistic looking picture. These verses are written in English and I also do them in Spanish. The letters are very small and I pass out magnifying glasses for easy viewing. The pictures are matted and framed. I usually make the mats myself. I love to read the Bible and this art form helps me memorize Scriptures. While reading through the Bible, I find Scriptures that I want to make into pictures. It’s a lot of fun for me.

3.  The biggest obstacle in you life was…

The biggest obstacle in my life came in 2009 when I was diagnosed with cancer for the second time. It was overwhelming yet at the same time, my husband and I took control of my life through the choices we made. We did our research and chose to go to Cancer Treatment Centers of America instead of the same doctors I used in 2006.

 4.  Do you believe that you’ve won the fight for your life?

Yes, I have won the battle for my life. I was an “unbelieving believer” for 30 years. I knew what God said in His Word but I didn’t completely believe it for my life. Like so many people, I let what I saw and what the doctors said dominate my thoughts instead of completely standing on the Word of God. While at CTCA in Tulsa, OK, I was ministered to by many of the staff and also from ministers from Rhema Bible Church. In just  a few weeks, I no longer doubted and I knew that I knew that I knew I was the healed of the Lord.

 5.  Who inspires you? In what way?

Those who stand on the Word of God, without wavering, are those who inspire me. there have been several key people who have poured faith and love into my life. The one that has touched my life the most is someone I have never had the privilege to have met, Kenneth E. Hagin, who has authored numerous books. To this day, I read from his devotional book, Health Food, every day.

 6.  If you could change three things about your life, what would it be?

If I could go back these 58 years I would change my diet to one with far less sugary sweets, I would have studied math instead of accounting, and I would have begun my relationship with God at a very early age.

 7.  In what ways do you think you are positively contributing to the future generation?

The best way I can or have contributed to future generations is/was by raising my children to love God and have their own relationship with Him. I believe as I read through the Bible, especially the books of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes, I am growing in wisdom and I am able to impart the same into younger lives.

8.  Are there ways to learn more about you and your experiences?

Yes, I have a web site: and I also have an on-going group teaching and praying for those in need of healing – physical, emotional, and spiritual.

9.  Closing advice to your readers

*Always look to your elders who have become successful because they weren’t always that way and have a lifetime of experiences you can learn from. Remember you always have choices. As far as physical illnesses go, no one knows your body better than you. God is on your side*




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