Angie the Model: Overcoming the Worst and Following her Dreams

Think your circumstances must weigh you down and keep you stagnant in the pursuit of life? Guess again. No lengthy intro. Let the story tell the story… }}


The year 1989, 28th of April, Rachel Baron and Dion Grigg laid eyes on their beautiful daughter, Angella Caroline Grigg.

=== I grew up in Grays Farm, Antigua. As a young child, growing up was very difficult. At the age of 8, my father left. I was young and didn’t understand why he left us. I didn’t have a father figure to lead, protect, guide or teach me the ways of life. My mother played the role of being my father and mother. At the age of ten, I had to be a mother and sister to my two brothers and two sisters. My mother had to work twice as hard to make sure we were happy. Her words when she left for work were “When I leave for work lock all windows, doors, turn the gas off”. We all had to sleep in one bed and were instructed to never open the door to strangers. As young as I was, I understood hardship. I lived in fear, slept in cars, on porches and in friends’ homes when there was no roof over my head. I struggled to a point that my heart goes out to others who are in similar situations. I understand and I am willing to help. I know what it is like to be poor! I know what it is like to have no food to eat!


I attended the Green Bay Primary School. Unfortunately I did not pass my common entrance exam to attend high school so I had to be a senior in primary school. In my seniors years from age of 15-17 I tried my hardest to make my mother proud. In those years I developed an illness which I still suffer from; severe migraines, heart defects and anxiety attacks…….. As a result, I failed my senior year finals. My life has been intolerable; blackouts, amnesia and doctors with no concrete answers or solutions. The teachers decided to give me another chance to do my finals since I was a very loyal student and possessed a responsible attitude to any youth seminar I was chosen to attend. A few months before my finals I became severely ill once again. During my illness I couldn’t communicate with anyone, nor help myself in any way. I was bedridden. My mother was in despair.

++ I must say thanks to my six-year-old brother who returned home after not taking the school bus. He returned home and called someone to help me. Who would ever think a 6-year-old knows when something is not right?! He alerted the neighbors who then got me some help and took me to the hospital to find out I was in my golden hours.



[[FASTFORWARD]]  I passed my finals and attended Princess Margaret School doing my best as a student so I could fulfill my dreams. Around the time of finals in my last year, I once again became ill BUT I was adamant that I would take my finals sick or not.  I only passed 4 out of 8 subjects, unfortunately failing the two most important ones: English and Mathematics. I attended the Antigua and Barbuda Institution of Continuing education where I received a Business Course certificate…… I had once again failed Mathematics and English BUT My mother always quoted, “If you fail many times try again and again one day you get a pass.”

:: For the first time, at the age of 15,  I was encouraged to model for a school fashion show, stores or even to dress up and just take pictures like crazy. I started taking the modeling career seriously at the beginning of my high school year I was taught to watch and copycat a walk and practice like there was no tomorrow.I was terrified of joining an agency because of what I heard modeling coaches would say to models. One day there was an ad, with a new modeling agency seeking models. I mustered every ounce of courage I had, contacted them and got a shocking response. I was accepted into the Indulge Modeling Agency because of my previous modeling experience.

 I love fashion, the make-up, the hair, the glamour and the style. I dream one day I will become a fashion designer or stylist. I am 22 and still relentlessly working on my goals to become that impeccable Caribbean model that I always dreamed of becoming. My main goal is to be in the public eye where I can use that advantage to help the poor and people who are in the same dreadful situation I was once in.  



Words to the younger GENERATION:

It is hard but yet still easy to combine your talents with the skills that you were born with. Never give up when it is hard, always push yourself further. One day, someone will be bless you by giving you the help you need and the encouragement to help you fulfill your life’s dreams. Remember, God gave us the strength and our talents. NOTHING happens overnight. We can crawl until we can walk, while ignoring the negativity from others. Take it from me: Angella Caroline Grigg, who went through the worst, being sick for 12 years and is overcoming it. 

I hope the person who reads this can obtain some hope and motivation from my story and say…

 “If she can do that, I can too!”

If you were born to sing, sing your heart out!

If u we’re born to dance, just dance!

If you were born to model, do it and all it takes!

Whatever it is: a doctor, lawyer, teacher, do it!

Remember slow and steady wins the race!

Keep your head high!

My last words to my readers Stay strong while achieving your goals, only you can do it. You and only you can live your life and determine your future!



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