The Question of Life

Life’s persistent and most urgent question is…

“What are you doing for others?”

*My Answer:

This is a question I strive to answer everyday. I believe our lives are not our own but are vessels to be used everyday for the advancement of others. In today’s society, selfishness is becoming more and more tolerated and accepted  as a way of life. Even if all we have to offer is a smile, it could benefit even the toughest, most stubborn person we encounter. What am I doing for others? I’m always pushing myself to become better. In effect, I push others to realize the potential that lies within them. We all have something to bring to the table. There is something that you have that no one else will ever in this lifetime possess. We’ve been predestined to be great and do great things. Some end up realizing this nugget of truth while others toss it to the wayside. I’ve given my life back to the community. My life is my contribution to creating and sustaining a better tomorrow. I am only human and I can only do so much, however I do believe that impossibility is simply just a state of mind.


What’s your answer?


What's Your Opinion?

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