Through The Eyes of a Social Worker…

Mrs. Jennifer Mott  

= is an amazing role model to the youth. As a youth leader for five years, she is an excellent example of patience, love & positive energy. Balancing home life with the other 100,000 tasks she does, she never fails to make those around her feel special. As a social worker, she takes pride in her job knowing that every effort she makes ends up contributing to the positive development of her students. What is life really like through the eyes of a social worker? Let’s find out!




:: It dawned on me as I was writing this piece, that I did not chose social work, but it chose me.  

:: The essence of my work as a social worker is my passion. My passion is driven by my childhood experiences that were filled with physical, sexual abuse and domestic violence.  My past has given me such strength to  pass along to others.  My pain has transformed into wisdom, and my healing has transformed into hope for others.  Hope; that no matter what circumstance you are in, you can overcome.  

:: The same grace, strength, wisdom, and comfort that God bestowed upon me is poured out to the children I encounter in this field.
In the last 4 years as a social worker I have learned many things, but one of the greatest lessons is that every child/family responds differently to difficult circumstances. Key thing is that as a social worker, you see the “what can be” and not the “what is”. As a social worker my job is to look beyond the present, and help that child too unlock the greatness inside of them.

:: Social work is not for the faint heart or the judgmental. Social work is for the courageous and the compassionate.  Social workers are the receivers in the field.   You need courage to face other people’s pain, disappointments, rejections, and problems.  While others walk away because it’s too much to handle or bear, we social workers step up to the plate.

:: When I see children and families empowered by the work that we have collaborated together, it makes me feel complete. I may not be able to save the world, but I can sincerely say I am changing it for the better one child at a time.

Social work is not my job, it’s who I am, and being me is pretty easy. . . I was made for this!


Short. Sweet. Brought the point home! Social Work is not a field for the weakhearted. It requires great strength – a trait Mrs. Mott clearly possesses. If you have any questions for her or would just like to thank her for sharing this article, comment below! She would appreciate the feedback.


Special Word of Encouragement to you Mrs Mott: Stay positive because the young ones will continue to look up to you! (and for good reason!).


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