I’ve Had An Affair Before

I’ve had an affair before. Yeah… It wasn’t the best decision I’ve ever made. In my defense, I was completely set up. See, I was feeling lonely. Being in a relationship, for so long, may do that to you. My new “fun buddy” looked better and just seemed to be better on a whole. Why not experiment? What’s the harm in stepping outside my already established relationship and taking a break? I wouln’t be gone for long….

Ha! Yeah right. Having an affair is no easy thing. Especially when the one you are cheating on is your dreams. I always desired to be the Chairwoman of my own youth recreational center. It was a confession I made over my life from a young age. Now, if I listened to it- I’d be in a different place now (not suggesting I don’t love where I am right now because I do). However, the voice of parents telling me to go this way and friends telling me to go another proved to be a bit confusing. In addition, my educational system decided that telling me I wasn’t going to end up anywhere was a good option. { Boo! }

So, I cheated. Had an affair. After all, I was married to my dreams. Instead of staying at home and cultivating the relationship, I used my already limited time elsewhere. Spent alot of time (none wasted, rather growing experiences) going after thrills. The thrill of being a detective.  The thrill of being a pediatrician.  The thrill of being a Criminal Law attorney. While it was good for the moment, the feeling never lasted. And, there was no potential for love to develop at all. Bummer. While the thrills were okay, I eventually decided that I had to face the facts: None of them gave me the comfort of home. The comfort and peace I had (and have) in my marriage. Something I couldn’t get anywhere else. Something I missed desperately at nights. My beloved dreams.

So. Yeah. I had an affair. Will it happen again? NEVER. Trust me.I learned my lesson.

Just like our Twitter says: Stop having an affair! It’s not good to cheat on your Dreams with Mediocrity. #enoughisenough


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