Lessons Taught & Lessons Learned

“Life is the best teacher”

^ That’s so true.
Reflection time.
So here goes it…
10 Lessons
-Those I’m sharing to help you
-Those I’ve learned the hard way


Lesson 1:
* Don’t hoard garbage. The longer you tolerate crap, the longer it will be for you to get rid of it.

Lesson 2:
* Balance is wayyyyy important. Making work your playtime is no bueno. There needs to be a clear line between the two. A time to recharge and be refreshed is neccessary.

Lesson 3:
* Smiling can put you into a good mood. Feeling a funky mood coming on? Smile. Pretend to be in a good mood and the actions will follow. Good way to trick your brain into a positive result.

Lesson 4:
* Don’t underestimate breathing. Deep breathing. It can relieve tensions, alleviate stress, and rejuvinate your senses. Keeps you alive and keeps you sane when tough moments pop up.

Lesson 5:
* Love what you do. Get passionate about something. Anything. Then. Run with it. The clocks ticking…

Lesson 6:
* Not everyone you start the journey with, you’ll end with. The sooner you grasp that concept, the better off you will be. Unfortunate Fact: Friends can turn into haters as soon as success manifests. Friendships are no coincidence. They play a role in your development. Just remember, there will be some that come with an expiration date.

Lesson 7:
* Take a risk. Join a fraternity, ask for a raise, pursue a new venture. You never know until you try.

Lesson 8:
* Being scared of failure is a waste of time. If it happens, it happens. Change your mindset. Failure is part of the learning process. You live. You learn. You grow. The fear of failing should never be the death of your dream. Rather, it should be seen as a technique that just didn’t work.

Lesson 9:
* Find suitable mentors. They are (should be) a source of inspiration, motivation, and brutal honesty. Choosing the wrong one may do more damage than you think. Good sign that you picked the right one? They will believe in your vision just as much (or more) than you do.

* Be true to you. You are unique. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Point Blank.

Well there ya go! Lessons I’m sharing with you. Feel free to share your lessons too.

They may be new or may serve as reminders to you. Whatever it is, whatever purpose it serves, I must end the article by saying this last statement.

—)> Go forth and learn!  


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