Fusion Coffeehouse: Behind The Scenes

Lights! Cameras! Action! Positivity? You betcha!

What am I talking about? FUSION. A new movement that my friend Pierre E is starting up. His first Coffeehouse event was held this past Friday (July 15th). How awesome was it to be involved in the beginning stages of musical success? Very awesome indeed. Pedy clearly has a knack for not only finding talented performers but blending their talents and gifts into a production fit for a royal kings enjoyment (You understand where the name comes from now?). The urban poetic atmoshpere was vibrant in the venue where the event was held. While the audience was being spoonfed creativity and passion, my team and I were working hard backstage. Hospitality is my game and I play to win. Weeks spent planning, organizing, calculating and assessing were manifested through the teamwork presented on the day. My team was composed of young energetic folks eager to get involved. A few bumps in the road? Maybe. Time management issues? Kinda. Unexpected surprises? Of course. A well-executed plan that ended up working itself out? Yes. Setting up an event and running it may not be the easiest thing (especially when you hear the crowd going bonkers over the entertainment and you can’t join them at that very second). However, I must say – there is a sense of pride you walk away with when you finish an event.

There comes a time when you step away from the scene, and use that moment to take in everything. Reflecting on all the hardwork and hours invested, you realize that there is more to life than riches and fame. Knowing you helped your friend get one step closer to his dream is something you just can’t put a price tag on. That’s my reward.

===> Awesome job Pedy! Looking forward to the next one.
To my readers: Hope you don’t miss it either 😉 *Will Keep You Updated.
—Pictures and Videos to come ! 🙂
[TheLifeOfAnAdvocate] -TJChase*


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