I Dare YOU!

Janiece Thomas. You will be hearing that name in the media  soon. Not for any scandal-related nonsense, but for the amazing work she does. See, Ms. Thomas may be young in age but her heart is keen on seeing a brighter tomorrow. Being advanced in school as well as advanced in intelligence, she decided to participate in this year’s Social Advocacy Campaign. Sharing her rendition on why the youth are the best evangelists comes from the source herself. Readers. Please, give a warm welcome to Ms. Janiece Thomas.

I DARE YOU….to answer this question!




Is our generation the best generation to evangelize? Of Course. We have the power to do what no other generation has been able to do. That is NETWORK. Networking is one of the fastest ways to communicate with multiple people simultaneously. With networking, there are no excuses for not becoming an evangelist. You don’t even have to leave home. There are many things people can do straight from their computer. Whether it be a youtube channel or blogging. Their is always someone willing to listen.
So dear readers, I’m tagging all of you. I dare you to become an evangelistI dare you to make a difference in someone’s life. Love them unconditionally, and lead them to God. Let the love of God be reflected through you. Always remember that no good deed goes unnoticed. God will look down on you and reward you for your love and hard work.


*Advice to my generation*

[[Hard work, is admirable and an important trait to acquire in life. It has been used by many people to accomplish the impossible. I would not have been able to graduate high school in 3 years without hard work. It is important for all of my readers to understand that hard work is the base for any inception. If you have hard work instilled in you, then you should know that there is no limit to where you can go. Some may think that dreaming big gets you places. However that is only 50% of the truth, because without hard work, you remain dormant. So, in closing, I would like to say that dreaming big and working hard combined can enable you to do anything in life.]]
Nicely said Janiece! If you want to contact her, you can find her on facebook:

http://www.facebook.com/janiece.thomas. She suggests that this summer, you donate to people who have proven themselves worthy. The Red Cross or The United Nations are great options.
::To my young readers, remember, just because we live in a microwave society (need everything NOW!), doesn’t mean that living fast-paced is the way to go. Apply that elbow-grease to your creativity and make your dreams come true!



2 thoughts on “I Dare YOU!”

  1. Young Lady, You will go far! You found the right combination to take you through life!! As an older adult, I salute you!!

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