Through My Words…

Who said that old school, hip-hop-type, POETRY was dead? Nuh-uh. This poet, Mr. Dante Bolden, is known around town for the words, rhythm flow he possesses. Creating a story with mere sentences gets me every time. So why not take a load off and read through this savoring every piece of it. I know I will. Kick Back. Relax. && …..

Live on Please!

Where’s my pen ?

Started to write poems on the paper telling you about a devils twin who owns harp,
Who can start a flood my friend
Then get on the news and tell you about the environment
The media hate me cause I rub it in
“Tired of this government”
Whats wrong with me saying that, I treason for reason , dudes had war in their own backdoor , when Leborn James was leaving Cleveland, to that man diehard fans, don’t take this offensively but what’s ya defense ? The average dude nowadays can only chill in Miami enjoying the heat for a weekend, and speaking of flames, if you in hell you better be running away from demons, they have their hands out pulling you down reaching, while you reaching for freedom, a real humanitarian you are, a real human being, you always been you, didn’t become this over the evening.
You see the Sun rise over the night defeating, the dark clouds, that make you wanna look up in the sky and say wow, and the rays be shining down, it hits the soil and heats up the ground, and a plant grows now , this meaning of life is yet so profound, but yet simple seeing things blossom gives me smile creating dimples, seeing this just made me sure , that you and i will live forever more, and still record history with our pencils.

And We keep writing

And we keep writing On the walls of our brains, words can take you much higher than cane,
Seeing yourself as a god , don’t know why they put their own names in vain, like we didn’t come From “goddesses” in poor black communities, who put dirty sandy needles in their veins, as gods we sit under a tree and hang out, walk our paths straight forward there’s never no re-route.
And we live life endlessly, definition of the spirit is really just the movement of energy. You do what you do , and I can too . And still be infinity I will always remember me, helping you getting over your rapture adding on to your remedy. The mental medicine giving you another view of the unknown conspiracies, that make you say I want to be more aware of me. Turn that “m” upside down , now that it comes out we , you can add to my legs and be apart of this centipede ,then move in real unity, and we be a unit “see”. And all we want to do is plant our seeds . And we want them to stay grounded to earth and ensure that their leafs turn green.
 To think outside of the system and dismantle the machine. But why would you take something apart that give you cream (money)?, This is the answer the world bankers control industries, put chemicals in the food , giving our moms moms cancer, provide police with guns, nightsticks and handcuffs, who have COs beating and greeting man in the slammer . Planning things out from New York to Atlanta , from Brazil to New Ganda, defiantly from Jackal Island to rest of world including New Hemisphere. Got in the way of an operation of the Panthers, all they wanted to do is teach us and feed us, but heads of a beast had to demand us. I thought the plan was to live free, freedom and liberty , two words, I now look at differently, because of politicians have meetings secretly , making classified documents that need to be declassified. If so, will you still sit back and enjoy the ride?
I hope you don't bleed , as you go out for this currency, be at ease , and one more thing just live on please.

This is definitely a piece that provokes you to think. You not only read it but you figure it out with each word that enters your brain. The challenge to see his perspective is undeniably breathtaking.

As a poet and true to his ways, Dante suggests the cause you get involved in is HUMANITY.

——-> “PEACE, love, RESPECT, emotion, and much more. That’s what it is really about. Just another outlook on the world for me, for people, for God.”


Mr. Bolden is seeking any open mic functions to perform at. If you have one to suggest, please do not hesitate to contact him. He strives on the opportunities life gives. Dante is inviting anyone who would like to vibe on a poetic and intellectual level with him, to contact him via the following ways:


Phone: 3476361449



Thanks DANTE !

Keeping it movin!

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