Expression Through Poetry

Nolan Charles – Young, Fresh Poet.

Here’s What Mr. Charles has to say on the topic of Poetry & The Youth.

[Mr. Charles has had his share of experiences. He has seen, heard, and witnessed some of the worst situations ever. Poetry is one of his ways to express what he truly feels inside. It’s HIS outlet. Every poem that he writes has a story behind it. He has decided to share three of his poems and the stories behind them. Remember, if you like his work – do not hesitate to contact him. Who knows? Maybe he can write a special poem for you! 🙂 ]

Remember a Strong Woman

I remember that I was
In a distant place
At a different time
At a very fast pace
I remember the smile of two faces
When relationships start to embrace
I remember things were so great
which I do appreciate
I remember that I made the north star
As it shines and glows
It only does that because it has a crush on me
Sometimes I wonder where would
I be if I never met you or you never met me
When you look at me,what do you see?
Can you tell me what i want?
Or what I hope to be?
I remember when we both sang a song to
The moon so it can fall asleep and let the sun come out
Do you remember when you broke my heart
And I cried the Atlantic Ocean
I thought you loved me
And I thought you cared
Do you remember that i got
So freaking mad that I punched a freaking hole through the Universe
And made the Black Hole
Do you remember when you helped me with my math
And we both created the Bermuda Triangle
Do you remember when I blew off all the salt from your pretzel
And with your help we made the Dead Sea
Out of all of these events
It made you a strong beautiful woman and I am glad that i did meet you and now we are friends

Background: Dedicated to his best friend Amanda who passed away a couple of years ago.


Am I or Am I Not A Poet

Everyday I ask myself” Am I a poet?”
Poetry is my flesh
Poetry is my pain
My feelings are poetry
But yet I am or am I not a poet?
But what is poetry?
Poetry is not the Rain
Or how it beats down on the heart
Poetry is not the man who writes it
Poetry is like freedom
And it expresses myself
Without hurting anyone
Poetry is a language spoken by few
Poetry is an art painted by words
Poetry is not just words
Just written down by a pen and paper
Poetry is like a confession
But yet am I or am I not a poet?
Poetry is like saying something
But not really saying it
Poetry is like revealing a secret
But it remains a secret
Poetry is like a samurai
Cutting through the pages
Swift and brutal
Leaving nothing in its path
Poetry is like my armor
Because it protects me and it teaches me
But am I or am I not really a poet?
I have realized that I have been hypnotized all along
I don’t write the poem, it writes me
I don’t read the poem, it reads me

Background: This poem focuses on the poet himself on his quest to become a better poet.

Wedding Dress

People say its not over till its over
Till we both grow old together
There is one thing I have to tell you
Before I do let you go
That my heart secretly aches for you
You knew how I felt for you
Deep down Inside
I wanted to tell you
How much I loved you
Which is true
But i guess its really over now
We keep drifting apart
As i hold my breath and bite my lips I was just so tempted to kiss you
I really want you to be my lady
I just want you to look at me because
See,Ive been waiting all this time so you can be mine
Now I have no more tears to cry
It feels like life is one big lie
Every night I would look at myself and put our love on a self
As I close my eyes and dream an endless dream
I pray that she would leave him for me
Baby your driving me crazy
By all mean just be happy with him
So I can move on and I wish you the best
Once that music ends,you’ll be with him forever
By the way you look beautiful in that wedding dress

Background: This poem is dedicated to a special friend that will remain nameless.


If you were moved by these three pieces, don’t hesitate to contact Nolan !

You can contact him through email :

Nolan suggests that you check out The Make-a-Wish Foundation this summer. Grant  a wish for a child who is in a life-threatening medical condition. Remember, we can spread joy and happiness to others through the smallest acts of kindness. You can find more information at

Thanks Nolan!!


2 thoughts on “Expression Through Poetry”

    1. I agree! He’s talented. Contact the writer to see more of his work. Another poet will be submitting work soon. Subscribing to the blog sends it straight to your email!
      Thanks for the support Ms. Jennifer!

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