The Art of Digital Arts

Mr. Peter J. Warrens is a good friend of mine. Intelligent? Yes. Misunderstood? Slightly. Has a freakishly amazing story to share? Definitely. I introduce to you, none other than, Peter J Warren. The man behind the art.


The Art of Digital Arts


                                                                            ————-> Peter Warren Original
  • Art, truthfully, is something that can be done through different mediums, not just pencil and paper…and in my case a laptop and tablet.  The ‘artsy-fartsy’ ideology is true.  Art is music.  Art is nature.  Art is human interaction.  Art is imagination and strength.  Art is life.  Art can be anything as long as it has some kind of symbolic impact on you through your senses.  
  • I have been a traditional artist (pen, pencil, painting etc.) for many years and only began using a digital medium since 2010.  Like traditional medium, I found that I was able to express my views about the world and communicate my feelings without fear of retaliation.  I was talking to the world, yet they could not understand me.  It was comforting as it could be difficult to express your views, especially if they are controversial.  Digital art simply opened the doors to a grander realm where my ideas could prosper even more.  I wasn’t restricted by the 8×11 inch Letter size paper I had become accustomed to, I had infinite digital space.   The most I can say about Digital Art is the fact that it simply perpetuated this feeling of freedom I had always felt with the subject.
  • By obtaining this freedom, I fully realized my capabilities.  I found that I could help others through the pieces I made.  With this, I learned that instead of keeping my beliefs on paper, I had to allow them to be expressed to others.  Art helped me grow as a person and with it I want to help others.  
  • Though I believe that the ‘artsy-fartsy’ ideology is understandable and though I like to help others, I am in no way an overly optimistic individual.  Nor am I a pessimist.  The pieces I create hold a certain level of happiness with a real meaning beneath their layers.  I found that my art, through the Digital Realm, has become ‘realistic,’ though many confuse it for cynicism.  This is because as I undertook the responsibility of helping other through art, I became more aware of the problems that plaque us, learning that some of those problems tend to lie within ourselves.   
    ========>>>>Unfortunately I do not know of many events that one can take part of to address this topic.  I can only tell you this: use your abilities to create change in the human condition.  It does not have to be large-scale either.   I use my abilities to invoke knowledge as well as goodness in people,

  •  because truthfully,

I feel that is how one can establish change:




Advice to the youth: Not everyone is meant to be an attorney or a heart surgeon. Following your heart and taking a

risk doing so, sometimes, ends up being the key to unlocking your dreams. Mr Warren found not only his passion

but found himself through art. Who says that you can’t? Society? Family? The media? Just like everyone has a

different fingerprint – each one of us has a different purpose in life. Let’s find it shall we?


……Thanks PETER !!


***Get Ready For The Next Article….!



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