Musical Evangelism

Mr. Pierre Eliezer is known for his spunk, character, and most of all, his unique ways. He doesn’t blend into the crowd – he stands out! Here to tell his version of Musical Evangelism is none other than the expert himself.



Music is intrusive. It reaches the places that we’ve hidden that suffocate from the lack of day.

Music is like Christ. You never force yourself to listen to what you don’t want to hear, but when you do listen to it, and understand where the artist is coming from, you appreciate it a lot more.

Music is living. It’s alive by THE WAY because THE TRUTH is that in music, there is always room for THE LIFE inside of us to play

I’ve found that there are some song out there that momentarily take us listeners into the artist’s world (which isn’t always a bad thing) in hopes that we can somehow relate to the story which is being portrayed. We find that we completely relate to the song but by the end of it, it has taken us to an emotionally low valley. I sit there and think to myself  “Okay — if you’re gonna bring me to an emotional low place, the least you can do is take me back up by giving me some type of hope.”

…..I’ve always said that music is a universal language, because everyone can relate to it. It’s similar to love, hope, and even faith. Whether we believe it or not, we all need to give and receive love. We need hope to sustain us, and we all look to place our faith in something that is completely unshakable; we’re dependent on all 3. I sometimes day-dream to this thought; what would I get if I could culminate music, love, and hope together into one setting…

On Friday July 15th “FUSION” is having a Coffee House Event with live music from aspiring singers & song writers from around the region.
Come out to experience good clean fun, to network, and to even meet new people in an EVERYTHING is POSITIVE atmosphere.
You won’t want to miss out on our guest performance by the very talented, Jared Mahone — I guarantee you’ll leave inspired!

Event Info:


WOW . Readers ! In addition to this wonderful spin on musical evangelism – Mr. Eliezer is also giving you a sneak peek at some of his work. It’s like the awesome-ness doesn’t stop !



As I started to mature,
I realized this truth:
That a woman’s worth has nothing to do
With the amount of “Stuff” she can do
But that the condition of her heart
Holds the most value.

As I started to mature,
I realized that sex is nice
But means nothing unless she’s wearing my diamond ring
And had a white dress on.

As I started to mature,
I realized that maturity has nothing to do with age
And that our mistakes can be erased
But its effects can be seen
Even in our old age

As I started to mature,
I realized that being a man
Has nothing to do with the amount of skeletons
In our closet

And that our worth is measured by
The types of wisdom we deposit
In the banks of the minds
Of our friends —
And our life experiences
Can overflows with His joy
Like a running faucet

I learned how to have fun and be silly
all while being sane
And that when you laugh,
You give others the obligation
To do the same

So be a freelance vendor and try to sell hope.
Your profits wont always amount to money,
But you’ll be happy to know
Your words
Gave someone else the ability to cope.

Our actions paint pictures
Of the stickers on our heart.
Either love, joy, or peace
All three of which, if combined,
Creates a wonderful piece art.

Our words can take flight like birds.
Lifting a person up to the sky
Or down to the dirt,
But only one of these can affect
The transition from their start to their speed,
Because you were born to fly
With this message as your seed…

He saves us, to change us,
And works with us to fix others;
To show your world that He is real.
Especially to our sisters and brothers

Ecclesiastes 11:9-10



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