The Lindsay Foundation … Our Everyday Heroes.

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The Lindsay Foundation was founded in 1999 and we received our 501-C-3 in May of 2000. The foundation was established in memory of Lindsay who had numerous medical issues for the entire 15 years of her life. Lindsay’s Mom (Laurie McMillan Hammond) spent most of those years fighting to get things that she needed. She completed applications through organizations that sometimes ran into 20 pages and would even ask how much money they had in piggy banks.

Laurie always said that having a “special needs child” was NOT a burden.  PROVIDING those special needs was the burden.  Even though her reason for starting the foundation was selfish (she said it was her sanity), she didn’t want other parents to go through what she did. She wanted to make it easier to provide a better quality of life for their children.

Our Mission Statement reads:

“The Lindsay Foundation is a 501-C-3 non-profit organization whose primary goal is to assist families with resources necessary to provide medical treatment, therapies, and rehabilitative equipment in order to improve the quality of life for their special needs children.”


And, to date, that is exactly what we have done.  We have helped children across the U.S. not just in Texas, thanks to the Internet!

We are passionate. We believe in what we are doing. NO salaries are paid; NO rent for a building is paid. We don’t even pay for advertising because it’s a poor way to spend funds that have been donated to help our Kids. Our copy machine, computers, printers, etc. have all been donated. Everyone involved is a volunteer. The Board members work full-time jobs.

–> We can give you some totals, if you understand that “clumping” all these numbers do not give a clear picture.  Through the years the percentages spent on our children have increased on a yearly basis because the number of children have increased. So, that said, from 2000 to 2010 (our last 990 tax filing), we have raised just over $200,000.  The total for this period that we spent on our children is $112,000. The only major “administrative” cost that we incur is for our fundraising events.  We MUST pay this in order to raise the funds that we need. That amount since 2000 is just over $70,000.

–> Prior to 2010, our largest year brought in revenue of approximately $30,000. Last year, we were able to bring in over $60,000 due to a $20,000 grant through Chase Community Giving. This year, from January 1 – June 16 (our last Board meeting), we have spent just over $40,000 in grants to families. (We have only had one fundraiser in 2011 that brought in about $20,000.)  At the June meeting, we had $18,000 left in our bank account, and $17,000 worth of applications for assistance. We denied NO ONE that qualified for assistance, but deferred some pending more funding. And we still approved just over $8,000.

Our funding is spent on children with “long-term catastrophic illnesses” either from birth or due to an accident. They either have no insurance or the insurance denies what the doctors deem necessary. We have paid for wheelchairs, wheelchair lifts, special seating systems, special needs strollers, therapeutic bikes, physical therapy, speech therapy, hippotherapy, aquatic therapy, and even long-term usage medical supplies(such as needles, catheters, etc.). The unique thing about this organization is that what the family receives is NOT based on income, it’s based only on the needs of the child. We pay directly to providers; no money goes into the hands of the parents. We feel this is the way to insure that the child does receive what they need.

We are required to do a tax-filing each year even though we are exempt from paying taxes.  However, the IRS keeps an eye on how we are spending the money to determine if we keep our status and remain a non-profit. Part of compliance includes having a Board of Directors, including a Treasurer. That Treasurer is responsible for all monies coming in and going out. As far as who “manages” the money, the Board of Directors votes on every application, as well as every expenditure.

On this Vivint project, we are required to fill out grant applications so that THEY can check us out to make sure that we are legitimate. In that paperwork, we have to tell them how the money will be spent. This one, as with the Chase grant, will see every dime of the grant, whether it’s $250,000 or $100,00,. sent back out in grants to families. They give us a timeline to spend that grant and then we have to do additional paperwork showing exactly what we spent the money on.

We firmly believe that we are doing what we are supposed to be doing…and if we weren’t, we wouldn’t still be here…12 years later.

Donations of any amount from $1 up are sincerely appreciated.  We even accept Wal-Mart cards of any amount.  We use those during our events to purchase non-alcoholic drinks, water & snacks that are provided for the participants in the events.  We may also use them to purchase items for auction.  Any donations can be sent to:

The Lindsay Foundation
P.O. Box 1073
Huffman TX  77336

Contact us for further information.  Email us at  Leave a telephone message at 281-399-2937 and we will return your call.

Thank you for your support.

Helen McMillan

Public Relations Director

Amazing work guys! You can check them out on our Facebook Page too ! Cast a vote for them (which will honestly take about three minutes) at They are trying to raise money to keep the dream alive. Let’s help them! Readers, make sure you contact them if you want to get involved. They are a wonderful example of an everyday hero.







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