The Life of A Young Promoter =)

Honestly….no introduction is needed.

Just read….


[[ To All who are reading. ]]

         My name is Dillon Asencio

and I am a 19 year old college student from The Bronx. I have been on the cross-country and track & field team for my high school and I have won a few academic awards in college, but what my friends and family know me most for is my promotion company, Last Stand Promotions. Since I was about 14years old I started going to a lot of local and big rock concerts and was instantly fascinated with the music, people, and culture. I often heard about bands speaking badly about promoters and how they usually treat bands and fans bad and how they really can’t be trusted when it comes time to distribute money. One day as I was talking to my friend Frankie from the band Animals & Architects I said to him, “dude…i feel like making a myspace page to promote local bands, i think it’ll be pretty cool lol”. He agreed with the idea and from there I made a myspace page and started posting upcoming band’s shows on it, new eps, and posting pictures of the bands who supported the page on the left side. With more support from local bands including Airismine, Drew Torres, Safe To Say, and BellaDonna, the page got more known and more bands were beginning to message me on myspace to post their band’s picture on the page and help them promote their shows and sell tickets and in return they would post statuses about the page to get people to add me as a friend. About 1year after the page was created I decided to put together my first show at Bowery Poetry Club with the help of my friend Jamez Santiago who now runs Last Stand Promotions with me.

         Ever since then I began putting together multiple shows in Bowery Poetry Club, 1show in Don Hills, and 2free outdoor acoustic shows. Every show I do I try to put together a diverse group of bands ranging from hardcore, pop punk, acoustic, and more and I try to draw as many kids to the show as I possibly can. In the beginning I was just learning the basics about what it means to be a good and fair promoter but after 3years of doing this Jamez and I have seemed to just have caught on to a lot of things. This past semester I have stretched Last Stand Promotions into being Last Stand Radio and I was able to bring the same culture and music onto my school internet radio station for others to listen to and become familiar with.  I have seen Last Stand Promotions grow over the years and even though it is still young and I still have a lot to learn about being a promoter, Last Stand Promotions has grown a tremendous amount. From a myspace page just posting pics of bands and upcoming shows, to being an active promotion company, to being an internet radio show. Oh I also forgot to mention, I’ve never paid money for a show! The venues were I have booked shows all allowed me to pay for the space and the bands from the money collected by people from the door, no money was spent from my pocket. You just have to find that one venue who’s manager understands what you are doing and what this means to you and you can work out a deal like this.

 To whoever may be reading this, please understand that you don’t have to be rich and have a huge load of connections to become successful. Just take something that excites you, something that inspires you, and something that drives you and you can take your imagination and run with it. Start off slow, be active and efficient, then rise up better each time. If you find something you truly feel passionate about you can make anything happen. People will always tell you “you can’t do this” or tell you what you “should know” about whatever it is you want to do but the most important thing is what you know.Educate yourself and look towards others who have made it were you want to go and be better than them. Don’t look at them and say “I want to be just like them” you should say “I want to be better than them”. Learn from them but don’t mimic anyone because you have your own dream and passion and you can take it where ever you want it go.

 I would like to thank Tiffany Chase for allowing me to share my experience being in Last Stand Promotions, Jamez Santiago for helping me run Last Stand Promotions, Frankie, Stephanie Venegas both who encouraged the idea and continue to support Last Stand Promotions, and Andrew Giordano and Ralph Kiszakiewicz from wmsvradio who allowed me to take the culture and create Last Stand Radio. If anyone has any questions about anything please feel free to contact me at or my facebook page Dillon Asencio. If you are in a rock band or know a band that are looking for shows please feel free to email the Last Stand Promotions email account at .

 I hope that reading this will inspire someone to work harder on achieving their dreams and finding something they are passionate about and turn it into a hobby or career.




WOW! What a story! I’ve known Dillon for about a year now and I have never heard this story before. I was immediately shocked when I read it. Who knew that my friend went through this spectacular process. He definitely embodies what this campaign is all about. Just to reiterate his main point, remember guys – you do not have to be this rich, hotshot celebrity to live life to its fullest. P Diddy, Kirk Franklin, and Donald Trump started somewhere. Humble beginnings and honest follow throughs are what life should be about. I know I’m inspired!




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