The Importance of Self-Image

Our first article for the Health & Wealth [Living Abundant Lives NOW!] June edition is none other than Ms. Nicole J Gajadhar. A physician assistant with three degrees in the health field offers her version of self-esteem. Let’s see what she has to say about this topic:

The Importance of Self Image!!*  


—> The definition of self image is the mental picture that one views of themselves, whether this is from their own observations or resulting from how they think other people may view them. Having a healthy self-image is the most basic of qualities we must have in order to function well in our environment and relate well with others. A person’s self image is almost always portrayed in the way they carry themselves, and the decisions that they make.

—> A good self image will help make decisions like- dressing suitable in different environments, differentiating when to be quiet and when to speak boldly, making healthy decisions (such as eating well, grooming, and exercise). A poor self image will cause us to- compromise in situations we know we shouldn’t, engage in abusive (emotionally, physically etc) relationships, potentiate chronic medical issues. These are few examples.
—>The spiritual aspect of self image is even more important. A wise man once said “To behold is natural, but to perceive is spiritual”.
Until we come to the knowledge that God, in his infinite power, saw fit to make us EXACTLY the way that we are: and that He sees us as beautiful inside and out; and that He glories in the work of His hands, then we can glory in it as well.
We can be joyful in the fact that if the Creator himself is ecstatic about how his Hands formed us, then we should be as well. Who are we to say that what God made isn’t wonderful and perfect. I know I am!!! In my own special way of course.


Well said Ms. Gajadhar! Thank you for that wonderful perspective. If you have questions for her, do not hesitate to contact her through this blog. Leave your questions and comments here and she will answer them here directly! She will be hosting a Health Fair which will be held in July at Family Christian Center [562 Main Street, New Rochelle, N.Y. 10801]. She suggests this event as part of your summer schedule!


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