What’s younger than the YOUTH?

What’s more street-smart than our YOUTH?

What’s got more potential than our YOUTH?


….Now for the grammatically correct, you may realize that I used “What” instead of using “Who”?

No, it’s not because I have not learned or master the language of English, nor is it that I am illiterate.

On the contrary, we (SOCIETY) has deprived these kids of being a being.

See – we abuse, misuse, and under-appreciate our youth.

Instead of giving them hope for the future, we push their heads down and say TRY HARDER.

Instead of funding them academically, we invest the money for selfish greedy gain.

Yeah…. you don’t treat a “who” like that. More so, a “what”.

So look it over with a deeper meaning this time.

Then comment.


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