Child’s Play


As I’m sitting at work watching the children clean up the toys to start their day at Pre-K, it makes me wonder. We can group the human race into more categories than there are pumpkin pies at a Thanksgiving gathering. Where our passions are concerned, generally you are left with three types of people. Those who know their passion, those who don’t, and those who are merely in the middle. Despite the group one falls in, how many of us can say we approach this area of our lives in a childlike way? Let’s take a peek at a child’s way of life.
The innocence of the child is breathtakingly raw. They use their time in a consuming way. Every task is filled with joy and subconsciously (manifested physically) made into a game. The world is their oyster and they are the masters of time. With boundaries, structure, and discipline, a balanced life is birthed. Room for work time AND playtime is made! Even with the occasional “poopie” toddlers pick up and are back on-the-go like nothing ever happened. 
Life was not meant to be filled with dreary, boring, under-achievements. No. Instead it can be purpose driven, enlightening, and adventurous. It’s just all about perception. Can you see yourself laughing and dancing in the wind or upset with the fact that it’s interfering with your routine?
Take out your crayons, colour outside the lines, and go baby go!
So todays challenge: If life hands you markers….what will YOU do with them?


What's Your Opinion?

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