Thin line


So I tried “Google-ing” how to ease into professionalism while in college. To my surprise, I didn’t find many supportive resources. So, I delved deeper into the subject with my research. I found alot of “how-to” articles. For example, how to prepare for the work force, how to give yourself the competitive edge, and how to market yourself on job boards……….

………..But what if you want to gain the whole world, keep your soul, and be the living example of success? People have a misconception that because you are a young adult, you should party party party……and then start your career. Is that grounds for you to squash your dreams and capture the essence of youth?

Well, my suggestion is if you have a dream go for it. Passion breeds creativity, happiness && eventually success. With the chips stacked against us “young budding professionals” we must go forth and pursue life. Not everyone is made to drink their early 20s away. Some of us take pride in defining business cards in our spare time. Some of us find pleasure in reading every and anything that has to do with our careers. Some of us want to go beyond the sky and take off the limits.

Life is what we make it and we have a choice.

We can create a future unimaginable or go through it dreary.

The choice is ours.

Watch the thin line.

But to my future movers and shakers, I say, let’s do this !!


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