Vision vs. Reality

If ever there was a time in history for people to be inspired, its now.
Global causes, national issues, and local affairs all seem to point to the same thing
It’s like we are thirsty for  people to come into the political spotlight and “do right”
I don’t know about you but I think it’s time “vision” makes a comeback
How else can we expect to make a change?

Yet still, this thing called reality is a killer.
See, our excuses for not pursuing our Godgiven visions normally revolve around a sense of reality.

Example ::
-Joe: Hey Matt, why the long face?
-Matt: Ehh, I really wanna get this business started man. But, I just don’t know.
-Joe: Well, what’s keeping you back from doing it? You always wanted to.
-Matt: I don’t know. Perhaps it’s school, or lack of focus….committment maybe? One day.
-Joe: hmmm….alrighty then but don’t knock your vision.
-Matt: Yeah, you’re right. Thanks man.

This short convo is a typical example of how we can sometimes have our “realities” shape our vision.

Let’s stop that.
How about we use our energies of doubting, depriving, and demolishing our vision on account of reality to invest in it.

Challenge today?
I challenge you to dream big, envision large, and execute boldly.

So what are you going to listen to :: vision or reality?


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