Social Vibe

Honestly speaking

I am new to this blogging phenomenon that is running rampant on the Internet

Therefore I will share that I am extremely proud to have navigated through the generalized, lament-termed instructions on how to start one.



I feel that I have to share my latest discovery which probably wasn’t a new discovery at all.


It pretty much sums up all my  dreams, desires, passions and vision for life in the form of a website.

For someone who becomes passionate about a subject at the drop of a hat….yeah, this is definitely a big deal for me.

So if you have no idea what the website was….similar to how I felt about 10 minutes ago, here’s a brief summary:

SocialVibe connects you to causes where your voice and free time can contribute to $$$$$ being donated.

Imagine that. I spent 5 minutes of time just playing around with it and I was able to give money to the cause I love, pretty much anything to do with empowering the future generation: youth.

So please, if you are a community advocate just as much as I am, definitely check out this site. If you are already a member, claps for you!

Now to leave this question for you: How important is your community to you? Feel free to express your opinion in the comment section =)


What's Your Opinion?

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